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Cayce Smith - Lead Artist / Owner

Cayce, the owner and director has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years, spending 11 of them with AVEDA. She loves AVEDA and the fact that it is so fashion forward with the year-round education keeping her in the know. She enjoys teaching others about her craft, so you will not find it unusual to see her with new apprentice’s shadowing during any part of the styling process. She believes strongly in sharing all the knowledge she has acquired over the years. One of her favorite passions though, is color…

“I live for color! The transformation from start to finish is more self-rewarding than anything!”-Cayce

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Joce Cowan - Advanced Artist

Joce has been in the beauty industry since 2008, she found her passion while working at AVEDA salons as a receptionist. From that moment, she joined an apprentice program through an AVEDA salon in Georgia and the rest is history. Now, she continues her passion for hair as a part time stylist, meanwhile also helping to coordinate the daily routines of the salon. She loves what she does and you can tell!

“I enjoy having a part in how beautiful and happy someone can feel after a visit in a salon, and I also enjoy the whole salon environment experience. It is a feeling like no other”. -Jocelyn

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Star Barwick - Advanced Artist

Star graduated beauty school in 2000 and has acquired an incredible amount of experience in her 16 years of being in the beauty industry. She is a native to Goldsboro and her dedication for hair is evident in all that she does. Star found an enduring passion for AVEDA and their constant continued education.

“I love learning new techniques and my love for doing hair is like an addiction; I can’t get enough of it”. -Star

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Daniel Butler - Advanced Artist

Daniel has been in the beauty industry for 15 years, having practiced as a makeup artist and a licensed stylist for 9 years. Although he is new to AVEDA, he has shown excitement for the product line as well as creating the overall AVEDA experience. He is also well versed in many areas of hair and makeup from sleek/stylish to funky/fashionable.

“I’ve lived up and down the east coast and I believe that I have mastered the art of blending “northern flare” with “southern elegance.” -Daniel

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Bonnie Flora - Massage Therapist

Bonnie comes from a military family and appreciates what our service members do for our country. Because of her upbringing in a military household, she wanted to become a massage therapist to help people in their time of need. In 2018 Bonnie graduated from LCC Massage Therapy Program to follow her build her career. Bonnie also has a 25 year background as a Nursing Assistant and holds a current CPR certification which she always keeps up to date.

“I love working with Aveda! Using their products has done wonders to my skin ever since I started working with the products! I love knowing that they are environmentally friendly and give back to the community in so many different ways!” –Bonnie

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Angel Herring - Esthetician

Angel has been enjoying her craft in esthetics for over 10 years. She completed the program from Lenoir Community College and became state certified as an Esthetician. With many years of experience, her skillset ranges from the many facial techniques and how to care for your skin to full body waxing hair removal. Angel stays current in her field with many continued education classes each year to make sure she's always "in the know".

"I am so excited to gain knowledge in Aveda Skincare and to try these products myself! I am so intrigued by the whole plant based approach". - Angel

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Sam Coley - Manicurist

Sam completed her manicurist license in 2013 from Lenoir Community College and soon after, started working for an AVEDA spa where she fell in love with the different aroma’s. She also enjoys the ongoing continued education and is so eager to learn more about the products. Sam loves to meet new people and takes pride in making their hands and feet beautiful!

“I love what I do because I enjoy making people feel good and I love painting nails- I love colors”- Sam

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Nicole Kaiser - Salon Coordinator

Nicole graduated from Montclair State University in 2016 with her Bachelors in Fashion Studies, making the beauty industry also a familiar topic for her. While working the Bridal Industry in the last 4 years, she has evolved a great passion for both the fashion and beauty world. Now, due to following the Air Force, she has made her way to North Carolina from New Jersey and into our salon. We are glad to have her!

"I love meeting new people and seeing how confident they feel after leaving the salon" - Nicole

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Jenelyn Cowan - Guest Services

Jen has worked in customer service for 20 plus years and in management for over 10 of those years, so she is well versed when it comes to accommodating all of our guest needs in the salon! While she is new to the AVEDA brand and the hair industry, her enthusiasm for staying current and always learning has kept her busy. She loves helping others and even educating on what she has learned.

“I can’t wait to learn all that I can about AVEDA and everything it stands for! I am already in love with the products I’ve tried! - Jen

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Melissa Ireland - Guest Services

Melissa has dreamt of becoming a hair stylist ever since she was young, but life took her in a different direction! Melissa enlisted in the United States Air Force for seven years working in Medical Logistics. After her time in the service, she dedicated her life to her three boys and became a stay at home mom. Years later, she finally decided to follow her dreams and enrolled in the LCC Cosmetology School! Melissa will be graduating in Fall of 2019 and will begin an apprenticeship under our salon owner, Cayce with hopes of obtaining her cosmetology license! For the time being, she is working on our Guest Services team to give her a taste of how a hair salon/spa runs!

"I'm so excited to be a part of the Panache Family and on my way to a career in the beauty industry which I am SO passionate about!" -Melissa